6 Ways You Are Benefiting When You Buy Directly From Farmers

The supermarket is often way more expensive than it should be and your local market just doesn’t live up to the quality you need. Products in both of these places often reach you after weeks and months of harvest, in a condition very different from their original fresh form. So, what’s the alternative? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just skip all of the middlemen and buy directly from the farmer? Read on to know the benefits!

1. Freshness Comes First!

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Since you’re assured that the food is reaching you as soon as possible after the harvest period, the freshness of the produce remains unquestioned. They taste better and are healthier. Most of the foods you get in supermarkets are highly processed and pumped with pesticides, artificial colours and other chemicals to improve the visual appeal of the produce. Even your local fruit seller might be selling you fruits, that are filled with lots of chemicals. However, when there is no involvement of middlemen and when you buy them directly from our farmers, there is no scope for such things. They make great efforts to ensure that the food that reaches you, is in its purest form, thus, healthy and nutritious.

2. Taste? You Got It!

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Since the fruits that you buy from the farmers reach you right after the harvest, they are super-fresh and hence, super tasty. They retain all of their natural goodness and the taste you get is authentic, in its pure form. The fruits ripen in the fields itself, instead of on the road, and do not sit for days in the storage. You will finally be able to taste the products in their fresh, unadulterated forms and enjoy their real flavors.

3. The Season’s Gains

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In your local market or supermarket, you would get all the fruits and products all year around. While this is a great thing, it means that they are not fresh and the products which are not in season are a lot more expensive. But the farmer will only provide you the seasonal products. You can connect to the natural seasonal cycle. Enjoy juicy mangoes in the summer, grapes and oranges in the winter and strawberries in the spring. The true flavors of each season!

4. Connect With The Producers!

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It is essential to know what you are eating. And the best way to do that is to connect with the person who grows what you’re eating! When you buy directly from the farmer, you can have complete information about how organically the product has been grown, what is the process, what are the benefits of the product you are purchasing and so on. It is a beautiful process when you connect with the people behind your food!

5. Variety Galore!

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You might be used to seeing the same old fruits, spices, and oils in your regular markets but when you buy from a farmer’s market, you can try so many regional varieties of products. For example, the Rio Red Grapefruit from Punjab or Virgin Coconut Oil from Tamil Nadu. With these special varieties that you can find only in particular regions, you are adding so much variety to your palate!

6. You’re Supporting The Locals

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You can either throw your money at manipulative middlemen and large corporations, or support the honest, hardworking farmers. By buying from the farmers, you are promoting sustainable growth and healthy and organic cultivation practices. More power to the farmer and to you!


The community of farmers and their consumers is a beautiful one and to make it more close-knit, along with ensuring that you only consume healthy and fresh products, take the first step and start buying from the farmers, directly via FarmerUncle. 


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