These Actors Cum Farmers Will Make You Switch Your Lifestyle, Right Away!

You have seen your favourite actors romancing, fighting, dancing, making you laugh and a lot more. It’s time they surprise you with their lesser known but exemplary skills, i.e, farming. Surprised? We were too! Your favourite actors are farmers as well. These celebrities are setting examples of a healthy lifestyle by turning into organic farmers themselves and even publicizing it. Who are they?

1. R. Madhavan

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Madhavan, famous for his charming looks, owns a beautiful terrace garden at his house in Mumbai and believes in vegetarianism. He is quite active on twitter and shares a lot of videos and pictures of his terrace farm and homegrown vegetables on the same.

2. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui belongs to a village in Uttar Pradesh. He is believed to spend his holidays farming with his family. He says that it’s his ancestral occupation and gives him a lot of pleasure. He has been doing farming since the past 20 years and enjoys it thoroughly.

3. Pawan Kalyan

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If not an actor, I’d have been a farmer”, he says. Pawan Kalyan, a famous Telugu actor is known to be a self-taught farmer. He has his own farmhouse on the outskirts of Hyderabad. He is so passionate about farming that he is known to be a “tree talker”.

4. Prakash Raj

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Prakash Raj recently adopted a village in Kondareddypally in Mahabubnagar district of Telangana, where he has already been into a lot of modern cultivation practices. He is known to be experimenting with scientific farming techniques in his own farm which is his way of giving back to mother nature.

5. Mammootty

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Mammootty, a renowned actor in Malayalam cinema, comes from a traditional agricultural family. He has huge paddy fields in Kerala and is known to work in his farm whenever he finds time. He also urges the youth to take up organic farming seriously.

6. Kishore

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He believes that food is the sole purpose for which we earn, and that farming is the most productive and powerful work that we, as humans can do. He is known to be an organic farmer himself and comes from an agricultural family background.

Although not all of us can be organic farmers due to several constraints, that shouldn’t stop us from living a healthy life and consuming healthy food. FarmerUncle is your go-to platform to buy Organic or Chemical Free edibles, directly from the farmers.