Black Rice: Why Is The Forbidden Rice Great For Our Health?

Rice has been an important part of the daily diet in Asia and is consumed in a variety of ways. It has quite some controversies attached to it, questioning its health quotient. Speaking of black rice, as a matter of fact, it is termed as the forbidden rice. That’s  because, in Ancient China, it was considered so rare and nutritious, that only the Emperor and the elite were allowed to eat it while it was forbidden for the common folk, like you and us. Well, not anymore, so common folk, here’s us discovering something amazing.

Black Rice is an ancient variety of Chinese Rice and it has been grown in India for a long time as well. However, it is grown in small quantities and is not very popular. Let us find out about some of the different benefits of this variety.

1. Anti-Oxidant Rich

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It is extremely rich in anti-oxidants, which are depicted in its black or dark color. The outer layer of the rice is the one, which contains the highest level of anti-oxidants. This means, that it helps prevent cancer and diabetes. It is also helpful for improving brain function and reducing inflammation.

2. Detox Ingredient

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The nutrients in black rice have the power to detoxify the body and cleanse the body of disease-causing elements. For a good detox meal, you could consider Black Rice Salad. Toss in your favorite beans, carrots, veggies or even red grapes and prepare it with extra virgin olive oil to inculcate maximum benefits out of it.

3. Fiber-Rich

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Fiber is one of the essential nutrients needed by the body, as it helps to aid bowel movements and digestion. Black Rice also helps in preventing diabetes and keeping the sugar level low.

4. Source of Protein

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Black rice also has more protein than other varieties of rice and even some pulses. This can help boost your immunity and general body strength and well-being. This is a great super food for those people who are pumping those muscles in the gym!

5. Hello beautiful skin!

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Because it has anti-oxidants and detoxifying agents, it can be incredibly beneficial for your skin and beauty as well because it cleanses the skin from within. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, thus it is helpful for acne and for lessening redness. Apart from all of this, it also tastes a lot better and has a very distinct flavor. So, you can spice up
your regular rice dishes with black rice and have a completely new flavor!

6. Work On Those Extra Inches

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Black Rice is supposed to have a low calorie content, high fiber & slow digestibility rate, meaning effective satiation level. All this together helps big time in loosing extra kilos and managing weight.

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