Craving Sugar? Opt For These Healthier Substitutes

By now, you already know that sugar is not the healthiest thing to consume on regular basis. Obesity, tooth decay, deteriorating heart health, liver health, uh! Too much to take! It’s high time that this sweet poison gets replaced with something good. To help you decide, here is the real deal on some natural sweeteners. Definitely consider these healthier sugar substitutes to keep life sweet without compromising on your health.

(1) Coconut Sugar

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First of all, what sets Coconut Sugar apart from regular sugar is that it is unrefined, which means it is relatively high on nutrition. Coconut sugar is derived from the coconut palm tree and is praised for being more nutritious and lower on the glycemic index than regular sugar. It can be used in any recipe which calls for white granulated sugar. Besides, coconut sugar is good for digestion and its insulin level helps diabetic patients too.

So next time you wish to bake a pie, some cookies or sweeten your cup of tea, you know what to reach out for.

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(2) Jaggery

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Commonly known as “gud”, jaggery is often made with sugarcane. It is one of the most inexpensive and accessible form of natural sweeteners that can usually find in our kitchens. Jaggery is a solution to several other problems such as a dry cough, cold and asthma. While buying jaggery, make sure there is no added white sugar listed in the ingredients as this adulterates the product, negating its health benefits.

So, how about a ‘jaggery peanut patti’ after your meal in order to satisfy your sugar cravings?

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(3) Honey


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Sweeter than sugar and with twice the nutritional profile, honey is the ultimate alternative to table sugar and can be used in almost everything. Honey is used both as a sweetener and as a medicine. It contains about 69% glucose and fructose, which makes it a good alternative for your overall health. It will also help you control your sugar levels, is amazing for skin and hair health plus having it early morning in lukewarm water is really good for weight management and a good gut. So, we guess now you have every reason to swap regular white sugar cubes with honey.

Instead of adding sugar, sprinkling some honey on what you like sweet should do the trick. It’s that easy.

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Craving for sugar is natural, satisfying the craving the naturally way is just better. Do not abandon what you like. All you have to do is make a better choice.