Does Your Kid Return With Half Finished Tiffin? Try These Tastier & Healthier Options.

Being a mom isn’t that easy, after all. The first question that arises in the morning, “What should I pack for lunch today?” Now, that your little kiddo has begun to grow up, you might see some fussiness in the eating choices of your kid, which makes it even more difficult to choose what to pack every day. Snacks in the tiffin box should always be healthy as it ensures healthy eating habits in your child right from the beginning. Moreover, the snacks should always be tasty, healthy and appealing enough for kids to tempt them to eat. Here are some of the ides that you would want to go for.

(1) Apple Muffins


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Sometimes grocery stores masquerade cake without frosting as a muffin. Muffins are supposed to have a different texture than cake! And apple muffins are the healthiest muffin option that you can make for your little kid.
To make it more interesting, you can serve the muffin with honey, butter or jam for variety.

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(2) Fruit Salad


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This is handy, easy and very healthy option to try out. Your kid may be fussy about eating some fruits and leaving others depending on their taste preferences. So, a fruit salad is one of the most convenient option and this way, your kid won’t be picking out fruits. Include his favourite fruit in more quantity than others and gradually adjust the ratio. Be a smart mommy!

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(3) Stuffed Idlis


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It is a mini meal in itself. Make idlis sometimes with sooji sometimes urad dal, keep switching to avoid monotonous taste. You can mix corns, beans, carrots, peas ets in the batter. They are really very easy to make and in a small amount of time, your yummy idlis are ready to be packed! They will surely be loved by your little one. Just try a few and you will know how much your kid loves them.

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(4) Poha


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Poha basically is flattened rice. It is really very quick to make and wholesome too. With peanuts and your kid’s favorite namkeen, poha is really filling as well! It hardly takes 10 minutes to put together all the ingredients.

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(5) Veggie Besan Cheela


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Besan(gram flour) Cheela makes a good breakfast option and lunch option for your kid’s tiffin as well. Surely, your kid will love to eat this nutritious and delicious dish. Gram Flour is packed with everything good. Mix different types of veggies in the batter and cook. If you want, you can even serve it with sweet chutney or apple jam or any of their favourite jam for that matter.

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(6) Strawberry Jam Bread Rolls


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This one’s interesting! Think about strawberries and the first thing that pops up in your mind? Strawberry jam! We have all had our guilty pleasure when we were kids by eating whole lot of scoops of jam. How about making your own at home for your kid? With the seasonal strawberries blossoming beautiful red, now you can make your
kid’s tiffin not only appealing but healthier. Serve it with bread, paratha or anything of their choice!

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Now be a smarter mom without giving your kids boring tiffin, as they call it.