Virgin Coconut Oil: How to Use It

First, let’s get you familiar with what Virgin Coconut Oil is. While virgin coconut oil might be an unfamiliar name to some, it is known for its subtle fragrance, taste and multi-vitamin properties. It is basically the oil extracted from coconuts without the application of heat and this extraction process is what makes virgin coconut oil different from regular coconut oil. The special process ensures that all the natural goodness is preserved and it can be used in many ways apart from cooking. Here are some of the ways in which you can benefit from it:

1. Skin

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Nothing less than a miracle oil, Virgin coconut oil can be used for cleansing and moisturizing your skin. Unlike many other beauty products, this product contains all the natural ingredients which work well to soften and moisturize your skin. It basically removes dead cells & strengthens the tissues present underneath the skin. So next time, instead of going for any ‘artificial’ products, try using virgin coconut oil for a healthy skin.

2. Hair

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Who doesn’t like shiny and silky hair? Look no more, virgin coconut oil is going to be your key to super shiny hair this season. It helps in moisturizing your hair and cleaning the scalp. Also, it helps to strengthen the roots. You can go for a hot oil massage with it once or twice a week, for shiny and strong hair that you have always wished for.

3.  Creamier Coffee

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Adding a spoonful of virgin coconut oil to your coffee can give you an extra boost of energy and can help you replace your daily heavy creamer. Put your hot coffee in a blender, with a spoonful of virgin coconut oil and your favourite natural sweetener, preferably organic honey. You will be amazed at the rich creamy flavor considering you didn’t add any dairy product. So, next time you think of creamy coffee, you should definitely give this recipe a try, which will keep you active and healthy.

4. Tastier Popcorn

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Remember when you were a kid and visited your favorite theater for a matinee? Remember the glorious, mouth-watering smell in the air? Chances are that your favorite popcorn was cooked with this oil. Delicious as they sound, they are also really easy to make. Pick some corn kernels and a good extra virgin coconut oil. Popcorn kernels in virgin coconut oil and then drizzle with just a touch more virgin coconut oil and some salt. In three simple steps, you will be ready to watch your favorite flick with the healthiest popcorn.

5. Natural Make Up Remover

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You know how it takes tremendous amounts of rubbing with chemical makeup removers to get that stubborn eye makeup off? Just a small dab of oil will quickly liquefy eye makeup, making it easy to wipe off. Rub the oil gently on the upper and lower lids in a circular motion. Wipe off with a warm cloth. It will not end up irritating your eyes like any other makeup remover. Also, it will help to keep your skin hydrated.

Authentic Virgin Coconut Oil is made from coconut nectar (coconut milk) following a special process. The product is a clear oil with very little smell and the same amount of goodness.

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