Why Should You Consume Citrus Fruits In Winters?

Winter is when most citrus fruits are at their sweetest and juiciest. And they aren’t alone. Sweet, brightly colored citrus fruits bring a burst of sunshine into winter days. But citrus fruits are not only flavorful and pretty- they’re also good for you. This class of fruits includes lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit, as well as many more hybrids and varieties. They have a bunch of health benefits, from boosting immunity to fighting cancer and the taste is supreme of course. Here at Farmer Uncle, we are continuously making an effort to bring to you citrus fruits directly from the farmers across the country and making them available to your doorstep in the shortest time span possible. Let’s ponder over some benefits that will sure intensify our love for citrus fruits.

(1) Storehouse of Vitamin C, Boon For Skin & Hair Health

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Citrus fruits are rich are excellent source of vitamin C, a nutrient that strengthens the immune system and keeps your skin smooth and takes care of hair health. In fact, one medium orange has all the vitamin C you need in a day. Citrus fruits also have good amounts of other vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly, including B vitamins, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and copper. Additionally, they are rich in plant compounds that have various health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.


(2) Good Source of Fiber

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Citrus fruits are a good source of fiber. Just one cup of any citrus fruit segments contains four grams of fiber. Fiber has several health benefits, including improving digestive health and aiding weight loss. Oranges are particularly high in soluble fiber, the kind of fiber that helps lower cholesterol levels. Compared to other fruits and vegetables, citrus fruits are unique in that they have a higher ratio of soluble to insoluble fiber.


(3) May Reduce Risk Of Kidney Stone

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They can form when your urine is very concentrated or when you have higher-than-normal amounts of stone-forming minerals in your urine. One type of kidney stone is caused by low levels of citrate in urine. Many fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits, can raise the levels of citrate in your urine, lowering the risk of kidney stones. Drinking citrus juices and eating these fruits can offer a natural alternative to potassium citrate supplements.


(4) Boost Heart Health


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Eating citrus fruits could be good for your heart. In fact, a study found that people who ate higher amounts of these fruits had lower rates of heart disease and stroke. Several compounds in citrus fruits can improve markers of heart health. And many of the flavonoids in citrus fruits, including one called naringin, are strong antioxidants that benefit the heart in several ways.


(5) May Help Relieve Cold


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It’s no secret that citrus delivers a healthy dose of vitamin C. And while vitamin C can’t prevent cold, research suggests it might reduce the duration and severity of the same. The vitamin could help shorten the duration of your symptoms by about a day, which can make a big difference when you’re feeling unwell!

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