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Balwinder Singh Tikka

  • Farm : Abul Khurana Fruit Farms
  • Region : Malaut, Punjab

Balwinder Singh Tikka is a successful Citrus Farmer from Malaut district of Punjab. In 2012 he was crowned the Kinnow King of India and deservingly so. Balwinder Singh transformed barren land into a fruit farm with one of the highest per capita yield. Tikka has his orchard spread over 100 acres of land - nearly all of it is 10-12 ft higher than the average ground level with some areas being up to 20 ft high. He used progressive farming practices to tide over the hurdles and come out as a very succesful farmer. 

He has won the Late Mohanrao Totey Memorial Citrus Award 2017 in the World Orange Festival organised in Nagpur by the Indian Society of Citriculture.

After growing Kinnow successfully - Balwinder Singh has now ventured into trying to grow other citrus fruits like Tangerine, Mandarin, Malta etc. He planted tangerines around 5 years ago and has started harvesting produce. The fruit is known to be very sweet and juicy. 

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