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Sudhanshu Kumar

  • Farm : Naya Nagar Orchard
  • Region : Samastipur, Bihar

Sudhanshu & Himanshu are two brothers who after stuying at Delhi university decided to go back to farming. They went back to growing Litchis and Malda mangoes which are a speciality from their region. Today Sudhanshu's litchis travel all across India to reach select households. When Sudhanshu met FarmerUncle, it was like a dream come true for both sides. When he realized that he could make extra money with the little effort of transporting it to the airport and could get his fruit to the customer under 30 hours (best condition to have litchis), he got the ball rolling and rest all is history. 

Now Sudhanshu sells almost 3tonnes of Litchi with FarmerUncle in a season. 

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