The Farmer's Corner

Bhim Singh

Bhim Singh

Farm: Organic Kinnow Farm

Region: Jhajjar (Haryana)

Produce: Organic Kinnows

Meeting Bhim Singh at his farm at Jhajjar was a very pleasant happening. We first heard about him at the organic farmers' bazaar and then went to visit him at his Organic Kinnow farm. He has around 30 acres of Kinnow farming, every plant in which has been hand-planted by him and his wife. The plants are like babies to them and they take utmost care of them. Bhim Singh says that he walks among his plants atleast once or twice a day because he believes that they respond to his presence.

The farm is 100% organic and Bhim Singh uses naturally created pesticides and fungicides on his plants, created from Tobacco, Jaggery, Cow urine, Cow dung and Neem Oil. He has turned completely organic even in his lifestyle. The family only consumes organic wheat, organically grown vegetables and milk and milk products obtained from cows fed organic feed.

From his healthy farm in Jhajjar, Bhim Singh wishes everyone in the FarmerUncle family a organic way of life.