The Farmer's Corner

Dinesh Bhilare

Dinesh Bhilare

Farm: Dinesh Bhilare Farms

Region: Bhilar, Mahabasleshwar (Maharastra)

Produce: Strawberries

Young, enthusiastic, dedicated, and a go getter. That is how you can describe Dinesh, the young Strawberry farmer from Bhilar. Although Mahabaleshwar is considered to be the strawberry country of India, it's actually Bhilar, some 20 km short of Mahabaleshwar, where the best strawberry of the region grows. This small, quaint town has a feel which could be called a mix of Goa and Uttarkashi. Dinesh has been in the Strawberry trade for over 2 decades. He got into it right after is class 12th exams. Growing his farm slowly and steadily, Dinesh today owns almost 40 acres of farming under Strawberry. Although it's very tough to go totally organic, because the fruit is very susceptible to pest infestation, Dinesh has worked hard to find the minimum dosage of chemical use required for the fruit. Arguably the best strawberries in Mahabaleshwar belt grow in Dinesh's farm.

From the small town of Bhilar, Dinesh sends his love and best wishes to the members of the FarmerUncle family. He hopes all the people in the FarmerUncle family love his Strawberries.