The Farmer's Corner

Prashant Kshirsagar

Prashant Kshirsagar

Farm: Parth Farms

Region: Nashik (Maharashtra)

Produce: Grapes (6 varieties)

Prashant had been for years selling certified Chemical Residue Free grapes in the European markets. The grapes never landed in India because he could never get the right kind of appreciation and price for his produce at the mandi. Only his grade B and grade C used to hit Indian markets.

Last year, after coming in contact with FarmerUncle, Prashant sold his first lot of grapes with us. The response was overwhelming. At his farm, Prashant grows almost 6-7 varieties of grapes. Starting the season with Flame variety, the next one on offering are the "Red Globe"" and the the "Jumbo Sharad"" (Black grapes) followed by "Thompson & Litchi". Prashant takes a lot of pride in his produce and waits for his produce to ripen naturally to give his customers the best there is to offer.