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Rich-a-red Apples

1100 per Box  (25-35 pieces)

  • From : Kot Khai, Himachal Pradesh
  • Availability : In Harvest
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About the Fruit

Of many of the older varieties of Apples that are grown in the upper shimla region - Rich-a-red variety used to be one of the tastier and nicer varieties. Over years, with the Royal Delicious becoming the Apple of choice, Orchardists chopped down other varieties and started grown the Royal Delicious variety. But almost all orchards have a tree or two of other varieties which they maintain for their own consumption. This year we want to introduce one such variety, RICH-A-RED which is dying a slow death, but has managed to survive due to its demand among orchardists for their personal consumption.

This variety is close to Royal Delicious in appearance but has a sweeter taste and a thinner peel. The quantity being offered is really small so it would be on first come first served basis. 

Ashutosh Chauhan Follow
Ashutosh Chauhan

Ashutosh Chauhan was one of the first farmers to join the FarmerUncle Platform. His orchard, Ashu Farms is in Ratnagiri, at an elevation of more than 8000 ft. Ashutosh sells several products on our platform throughout the year such as apples (Royal, Golden, Rich-a-Red and Spur apples), cherries, peaches, apricots, jams and ghee. Today, he has multiple customers across India who swear by the quality of his produce and are extremely satisfied with the fresh, delectable produce.

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