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Raw UnProcessed Mono Flora Rosewood Honey

275 per Bottle  (Approx 500 ml)

  • From : Bayana, Rajasthan
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About the Product

Honey is gaining increasing recognition for its properties of being a natural and healthy sweetener. However, high quality and pure honey is hard to find as the variety available in the market is processed, artificially sweetened and contains antibiotics. Rosewood honey is a light golden in colour and has a distinct, unique flavour to it which is perfect for using as a sweetener or direct consumption as well.

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Krishan Kumar

Krishan Kumar is a honey farmer from the alluring land of Rajasthan. He keeps his bee boxes across different places in North India and gathers several varieties of honey such as Rosewood Honey, Mustard Honey, Jujube Honey, etc. Among the bi-products that he has to offer are Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen. He has been affiliated with FarmerUncle for around a year and has been a consistent provider of high quality honey products. His produce is continually in high demand and is greatly appreciated by FarmerUncle customers.

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