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Grapefruit - Rio Red

900 per Box  (Approx 5Kgs)

  • From : Fazilka, Punjab
  • Availability : Out of harvest
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About the Fruit

Grapefruit is a rich source of vitamin C & contains the fiber pectin. The pink and red hues contain the beneficial antioxidant lycopene. Studies have shown grapefruit helps lower cholestrol and there is evidence that the seeds have antioxidant properties. Grapefruit forms a core part of the Grapefruit diet, the theory being that the fruit's low glycemic index is able to help the body's metabolism burn fat. The pink varieties are the more common in the Indian market. The Red varieties are rare to get and are one of the more prefered varieties. 

Mohan Pal Singh Sidhu Follow
Mohan Pal Singh Sidhu

Mohanpal Singh Sidhu (MPS) is a progressive farmer from Fazilka. He has worked at tea estates around India for the past 40 years and has for the past 5 years worked on his farm where he is growing various citrus fruits including grapefruit, kinnow, daisy tangerines & jaffa sweetlime. The farm also has a few trees of guava, babugosha & aloo bukhara. Using his extensive knowledge of plantations and having see the entire farming process closely MPS is trying his best to use the best practices and to grow fruit responsibly. 
We wish him the best of luck, so that he makes maximum for this efforts. 

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