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Green Masala Chai

174 per Box  (36 grams)

  • From : Kashipur, Uttarakhand
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About the Product

Green tea- rich in antioxidants , it boosts metabolic rate & reduces cholesterol
Holy Basil( Tulsi) -antibiotic , antibacterial and decongestant ,it fights fever common cold  & bronchitis.
Fennel -a good source of dietary fiber, it aids digestion & gas .Being a laxative , it treats constipation.
Cardamom -a good detoxifier and antiseptic  , it also controls bad breath.
Cloves - a powerhouse of vitamins A ,C and Beta carotene ,calcium ,zinc and iron.
Dry Ginger-  aiding digestion, it  relieves gas and fights nausea .
Cinnamon -a rich source of calcium and fiber ,it helps in controlling blood glucose level and relieves muscular pain.

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Organic Soul

Garima has always been conscious consumer and a mother who is always looking for healthy & environment-friendly products. While there are many companies who offer healthy & organic products but still there is a wide gap in the market and lack of transparency. At the backend supply side, she saw farming communities, especially women are not getting their dues in form of appreciation of their hard work & incentives for adopting sustainable organic practices.

She decided to do her bit to be the bridge by offering quality, healthy, nutrient-rich & certified organic products as per the need of consumers which are produced and the deserved value addition at source going to the organic farmers. 

Organic Life sees the farmers as important stakeholders just like their partners in their mission. The company works towards creating awareness about organic farming among farmers, giving them a platform to share their experiences, problems etc, supporting them with their training needs and also helping them financially & technically to get organic certification. They are changing the landscape by organizing them into Self Help Groups (SHGs), helping them in planning and adding value to their organic products so that they get better economic returns, generate local employment which keeps them motivated to bring more of their land into organic.

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