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Gwazang Royal Delicious Apples

2300 per Box  (Approx 10 Kgs)

  • From : Lahual & Spiti, Himachal Pradesh
  • Availability : Out of harvest
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About the Fruit

These Royal Delicious Apples are growing in extremely high reaches of Himachal in Gwazang Village in the Lahaul Spiti Region -  10,100 ft over sea level. At this elevation, the land is almost like a cold desert. It takes the farmer a lot of effort to grow anything. The conditions are extreme and the resources are scarce. Being at such high elevation, there is no real pest infectation and the farmer is not required to do any kind of chemical sprays at all, making the Apples naturally organic. 
The farmers here have very small land holdings and depend on the Apple crow for sustainance. 

Pama Namgyal Follow
Pama Namgyal

Pama Namgyal is a modest farmer from Gwazang village, a small village on the upper regions of Lahaul Spiti district. The areas does not grow much and Pama depends on his Apple crop to sustain his livelihood. When his nephew , Sumit (Persimmon & Granny Smith farmer) told him abot selling his produce directly to consumers via FarmerUncle, Pama showed interest as well. Pama is sending the last picking of the season for FarmerUncle family. It has started snowing in the upper regions and soon transportation will become a big problem

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