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Jaggery - (Gur) Tukda

150 per kilogram  (1Kg)

  • From : Abohar, Punjab
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About the Product

Jaggery is made from the sap of Sugarcane. Sugarcane happens to be one crop which is sprayed a lot with pesticides and insecticides. That is the first stage where there is a problem. Also during the process of making the jaggery, chemicals are added to solidy the jaggery.
Preetender Singh Aulukh has a certified organic farm in Abohar and grows Sugarcane organically. They the proper process of making Jaggery is followed to bring to you the best possible Jaggery.

Preetender Singh Aulakh - Patsy Follow
Preetender Singh Aulakh - Patsy

Preetender Singh Aulakh has two farms, one situated at Abohar, Punjab and the other at Kurukshetra, Haryana. Both farms are certified as organic by ECOCERT under USDA, EU and NPOP standards. He has been practicing organic farming since 2002 and grows produce such as kinnow fruit, wheat, basmati rice and mustard. All their pest control measures are completely homemade and vermicompost and farm yard manure is created on the farms themselves. It is a constant endeavor on their part to produce the best quality organic crops and to cut out the middleman, making the produce more authentic, viable and reasonable for the consumer. The aim is to reach out to a large numbers of health conscious people and supporters of the organic movement.

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