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650 per Box  (Approx 3Kgs)

  • From : Nashik, Maharashtra
  • Arrival Date : 25 Sep 2018
  • Availability : In Harvest
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About the Fruit

Bhagwa is one of the most widely cultivated varieties of Pomegranates in the country. The popularity of the variety is due to the amazing quality of the fruit with very thin and soft seed and juicy & fleshy arils. The fruit has an orangish red top and has red deeply placed seeds on the inside. The fruit is tasty and has an execellent keeping quality.


Sunil Dattatray Tikde Follow
Sunil Dattatray Tikde

Sunil Dattaray Tidke is a progressive Pomegranate farmer from Janori Dist of Nashik. For the past few years, Rohit's focus has been on export of pomegranates to dubai and other middle eastern countries. Seeing the growing demand for good quality produce - Sunil has decided to explore the possibilities of developing a brand for his pomegranates and that is the reason he is trying to sell his produce - directly to the end consumers via FarmerUncle. 

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