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Durone Nero Cherries

1500 per Order  (Approx 2kgs)

  • From : kotgarh, Himachal Pradesh
  • Availability : Out of harvest
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About the Fruit

Our cherry farmer from Kotgarh, Shimla - Swatish Singha is sending us Durone Nero variety of cherries from his orchard. The cherries are bigger in size than the black cherries and were a super hit last year. This year although the size is slightly smaller than last year but the cherries are as sweet and good. Cherries come in very small quantity and will be delivered on first come - first served basis.

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Swatish Singha

Swatish Singha is a well educated and experieinced farmer from Kotgarh dist of Shimla. Many generations of the family has been in farming and the orchards have been handed down from fathers to sons. Being one of the earliest families to get into Apple cultivation - the Singhas are a known and respected family in the region. Swatish Singha is the president of the local farmer cooperative and helps farmers from the reason get a good price for their produce

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