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Sonaka Grapes Combo

565 per Box  (Approx 2Kgs)

  • From : Jalna, Maharashtra
  • Availability : Out of harvest
  • Zone : Not Defined
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Meet The Farmer

Vijay Chavan Follow

  • Farm : Chavan Farms
  • Region : Jalna, Maharashtra

Vijay Chavan is a progressive farmer from Jalna, Maharashtra. The family are large land holders and have many acres under cultivation of various fruits and vegetables. Vijay Chavan grows - Papayas, Pomegranates, Custard Apples & Grapes. He has been following responsible agricultural practices for the past decade and has been encouraging other farmers in the region to follow them as well. Between him and his brother - they head many farmer bodies and are an inspiration to new budding farmers in the region.
Vijay Chavan is one of the key members in the fruit exporters body in the region and has travelled around the world, learning new farming techniques and understanding about fruit safety and standards. He is very well aware of the requirement of the people in the city. 

Know your Fruit

About Fruit

This is a combo pack of two Sonaka Grape varieties Super Sonaka (Green) and Sonaka Jyoti (Black). The combo has 1 kg of each variety of Grapes. The fruit is sweet, elongated and seedless.

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