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Saazid Singha

Saazid is the one who is steering us from the top. It's his vision which has made FarmerUncle a reality. An Apple "Orchardist" himself, he has travelled extensively and brings knowledge of how farming works, the right and the wrong practices. Also, his network has allowed us to tap into a huge farmer network. His foresightedness has brought together this fab team which works tirelessly to dream the one dream.

Parishrut Jhina (Parry)

This man has endless energy and can practically be thrown into any role any time. He is the backbone of the company. He makes things happen. His ability to source anything, anytime and from anywhere makes him indispensable. A rally driver at heart, his love for cars is only second to his love for FarmerUncle.

Vipin Nair

He loves to travel rural India and it’s his job to find the right farmers to join the FarmerUncle family. He tastes the fruit, checks the quality and gives approval on whether it's the right produce for the members of the FarmerUncle family. His stint at FarmerUncle and all the travelling has taught him traits of how to identify the right fruit and the right practices.

When at office, he looks after the marketing of the brand. He also doubles up as the customer manager and might be one of the guys you speak to when you call FarmerUncle.

Bashita Chauhan

Bashita heads the customer care division for FarmerUncle. She is the person you call when you have a query, a doubt, a problem or a happy thing to say when you call on FarmerUncle phones. Her pleasing personality and soft temperament makes sure that when you call FarmerUncle office, you can be rest assured that your grievances get addressed. She takes care of the entire FarmerUncle team and makes sure we are geared up to face new challenges every day.

Shaheena Khan

Shaheena is new to the team but has been quick to pick up the nuances of how we operate and what we have to offer. She is jovial and fun-loving, and is more than keen to resolve customer issues. She is sweet to talk to and is always attentive about customer needs. She has everything noted in her black diary and never misses a detail.

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